July 2020’s dev blog

New version is finally here : https://3dchan.net/v3/

Cool stuff added:

  • Maps are now persistent, stored on the browser cache.
  • You can create elevators, or other block types available in the selector
  • You can draw stuff by selecting [Drawing]
  • You can post images by selecting [Choose file]

My next steps will be:

  • Adding files and creating NPC
  • Adding graphism
  • Share map via peer to peer

For those who discover the project, there’s  a philosophy behind it. I am french and so submit to the worst censorship laws in the West: France is the western country that asks the largest number of Twitter account deletions* and even capable of issuing interpol notice for hate speech crime. Being a friend of the lulz (Encyclopedia Dramatica, Marilyn Manson, Charlie Hebdo, etc.) and a BDSM lover, I am explicitly targeted by these laws.

To defend these values, I decided to use a media that crystallized all the moral panics of the last years 30 : Video Games. They are an infinite virtual space of liberty, they have no nation or law restriction, just few lines of code embodying the creative vision of their developper. I will create an online world where people will be able to write, post pictures, program NPC and distribute the whole thing via Bittorrent. 3DChan will be an uncontrollable simulation design to make significant ideological damage**.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support.

* https://transparency.twitter.com/

** I borrow the term from Cody Wilson

Twitter for more update @alexkrunch
or monsieur.krunch@gmail.com
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